About Me

Monya Maxwell

About me

I’m a young and upcoming photographer from Edenvale, specializing in Newborn and family Photography, and LOOOOVE working with Tiny Humans.

Most of my work is minimal with the bit of bizzaz here and there. I, myself, love and enjoy the simple life. With our busy household I often crave just a little bit of quiet.

I’m a mommy of two beautiful (and very active) little toddlers – Amber and Damon.  You might see them around from time to time. I still remember what it was like to hold them straight after birth, and some days miss it a bit. But working with your little ones, fills this “miss” for me. My little girl loves modeling for me and you will often see her and dad taking selfies while mom is working. My boy on the other hand prefers to sit on my lap while I’m working, like he is trying to tell me what to do (he’s one year old and not talking yet). Most days it can be very difficult to get a photo of him 🙂

What I love

* My amazing hubby (Lee) and two adorable and crazy kids (Amber & Damon)
* The idea of a movie on the big screen…ja, a movie house is a treat for us
* reading a good book until the early morning hours
* working in my garden, I love roses
* wasting time on Pinterest…and time goes so quick!
* Coffee, and more coffee, with a hint of chocolates (hubby always makes sure there is a stash at home)
* Traveling – hubby often travels for work and sometimes I join him on a trip around SA
* the smell of rain
* and the laughter of my kids (and their friends)

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."